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Monday, May 20, 2013

Definitions for coalesce

  1. to blend or come together: Their ideas coalesced into one theory.
  2. to grow together or into one body: The two lakes coalesced into one.
  3. to unite so as to form one mass, community, etc.: The various groups coalesced into a crowd.

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Citations for coalesce
All the small discoveries might soon coalesce into a major breakthrough—even a revolutionary one—but perhaps not in her lifetime, and certainly not bearing her name. Deanna Fei, A Thread of Sky, 2010
He is like a child learning what is too hot to touch, and he hopes all this experience will coalesce into a philosophy of life, or at least a philosophy of relationships, that will transform itself into instinct. Steve Martin, Shopgirl, 2000
Origin of coalesce
Coalesce comes from the Latin roots co- meaning "with" and al- which is the stem of alere meaning "to nourish, make grow."