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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Definitions for pasquinade

  1. a satire or lampoon, especially one posted in a public place.
  2. to assail in a pasquinade or pasquinades.

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Citations for pasquinade
On the outer wall of the building, there was a vicious pasquinade of the deposed despot. D.V. Bernard, Intimate Relations with Strangers, 2007
In the course of his career, Dosoo had written fourteen books that included political commentaries on India, a slight obloquy on New York, an autobiography, and a pasquinade of Bombay society. Leila Hadley, Give Me the World, 2003
Origin of pasquinade
In Rome in 1501 a sculpture was disinterred and placed in Palazzo Orsini. The sculpture was nicknamed Pasquino, and once a year Romans posted humorous verses to the sculpture. Over time these satirical poems became named pasquinades because of the name of the statue. The statue is still in Rome with pasquinades on its base.