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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Definitions for scrum

  1. a Rugby play in which, typically, three members of each team line up opposite one another with a group of two and a group of three players behind them, making an eight-person, three-two-three formation on each side; the ball is then rolled between the opposing front lines, the players of which stand with arms around a teammate's waist, meeting the opponent shoulder to shoulder, and attempt to kick the ball backward to a teammate.
  2. British. a place or situation of confusion and racket; hubbub.
  3. to engage in a scrum.

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Citations for scrum
This wasn't to be a scrum, but a more formal announcement, with the journalists plugging into a multifeed box for the audio. Terry Fallis, The High Road, 2010
The half who was taking the scrum whipped the ball out in the direction of his colleague. P. G. Wodehouse, A Prefect's Uncle, 1903
Origin of scrum
Scrum is an abbreviated form of scrummage, which is a variant of scrimmage. It likely came to English in the late-1800s from the Old High German word skirmen meaning "to protect" or "defend."