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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Definitions for clangor

  1. a loud, resonant sound; clang.
  2. clamorous noise.
  3. to make a clangor; clang.

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Citations for clangor
And in any case they did not sound distant to him, these ringing booming bells; their triumphal clangor was swept along by the wind and seemed to come from somewhere close by... László Krasznahorkai, translated by George Szirtes, Satantango, 1985
And now the melodious clangor of bells from church towers summons their several flocks to the fold. Washington Irving, "A Sunday in London," The Sketch Book, 1819-1820
Origin of clangor
Clangor entered English from the Latin word of the same spelling which referred to the sound of trumpets, birds, and other loud noises.