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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Definitions for rarefied

  1. extremely high or elevated; lofty; exalted: the rarefied atmosphere of a scholarly symposium.
  2. of, belonging to, or appealing to an exclusive group; select; esoteric: rarefied tastes.

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Citations for rarefied
A fire then being made in any chimney, the air over the fire is rarefied by the heat, becomes lighter and therefore immediately rises in the funnel, and goes out... Benjamin Franklin, Observations and Experiments, 1744-1785
She and Adam had one thing in common--they were both fine-drawn and rarefied--not much clogged with fleshly appetites. John Buchan, A Prince of Captivity, 1933
Origin of rarefied
Rarefied entered English in the late 1300s from the Latin rarus + facere meaning "to make rare."