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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Definitions for albedo

  1. the white, inner rind of a citrus fruit.
  2. Astronomy. the ratio of the light reflected by a planet or satellite to that received by it.
  3. Meteorology. such a ratio for any part of the earth's surface or atmosphere.

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Citations for albedo
The taste of citrus fruits is created by a handful of substances, including citric acid (so named because it is typical of the family), sugars, and certain bitter phenolic compounds, which are usually concentrated in the albedo and peel. Harold McGee, On Food and Cooking, 2004
From deep space the rift had been visible only as a change in albedo, a dark scar slicing across the world. Alastair Reynolds, Absolution Gap, 2005
Origin of albedo
Albedo entered English in the 1850s. It comes from the Latin word albēdō meaning "whiteness."