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Monday, September 30, 2013

Definitions for instauration

  1. renewal; restoration; renovation; repair.
  2. Obsolete. an act of instituting something; establishment.

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Citations for instauration
Hence, the Pope proclaimed the instauration of the Roman Empire, under two Emperors, a Northern Emperor and a Southern Emperor; and confirmed the same to the King of Prussia and the King of Italy as representatives of the dynasties of Hohenzollern and Savoy respectively. Frederick Rolfe, Hadrian the Seventh, 1904
Books such as those of Galileo and Copernicus were meant to stir up debates among scholars and astronomers, he insisted, to challenge old prejudices and enlighten the ignorant, to work towards a great instauration of knowledge. Ross King, Ex Libris, 1913
Origin of instauration
Instauration comes from the Latin word instaurātiōn- meaning "a renewing, repeating."