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Friday, October 25, 2013

Definitions for yoho

  1. (used as a call or shout to attract attention, accompany effort, etc.)
  2. to shout “yo-ho!”

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Citations for yoho
Taking down a wheezy and tattered concertina, the greasy cook sang in a raucous tone a ditty he had composed. “Yoho, me hearties, hark t'me, pay 'eed now whilst I sing…" Brian Jacques, The Rogue Crew: A Tale of Redwall, 2011
"Yo ho," said the Egg. "Yo ho," said the Bean. "Yo ho," said Pongo. "You know my uncle, Lord Ickenham, don't you?" "Oh, rather," said the Egg. "Yo ho, Lord Ickenham." P. G. Wodehouse, Cocktail Time, 1958
Origin of yoho
Yoho entered English in the 1700s as a transcription of the spoken greeting.
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