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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Definitions for crepuscule

  1. twilight; dusk.

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Citations for crepuscule
But when he awoke at length there was a great Phoenix brooding with spread wings above his prostrate form, its white plumage like a ghostly crepuscule and its red eyes glowing close against his own pallid and fervent face. Arthur Edward Waite, The Quest of the Golden Stairs, 1893
For that is Anayat in the crepuscule, purple and mellow, sparkling and warm and effulgent when there is a moon, cool and heady and sensuous when there is no moon. Arturo B. Rotor, "Zita," 1937
Origin of crepuscule
Crepuscule entered English around the year 1400 from the Latin meaning "twilight, dusk, darkness."