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Friday, November 01, 2013

Definitions for animalcule

  1. a minute or microscopic animal, nearly or quite invisible to the naked eye, as an infusorian or rotifer.
  2. Archaic. a tiny animal, as a mouse or fly.

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Citations for animalcule
But man contemplates the universe as an animalcule would an elephant. Edward Buwler-Lytton, Zanoni, 1842
He has absolutely no idea of the prodigious personage that I am, and of the microscopic animalcule that he is in comparison. Marcel Proust, translated by D. J. Enright, In Search of Lost Time, 1989, originally published in 1927
Origin of animalcule
Animalcule comes directly from the Neo-Latin word animalculum meaning "a small animal."