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Friday, November 15, 2013

Definitions for maugre

  1. in spite of; notwithstanding.

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Citations for maugre
But the angel in the dream did, and, maugre Plain Talk, put quite other notions into the candle-maker. Herman Melville, The Confidence-Man, 1857
I protest, / Maugre thy strength, youth, place, and eminence, / Despite thy victor-sword and fire-new fortune, / Thy valour and thy heart, thou art a traitor / False to thy gods, thy brother, and thy father, / Conspirant 'gainst this high illustrious prince, / And from th'extremest upward of thy head / To the descent and dust beneath thy feet, / A most toad-spotted traitor. William Shakespeare, King Lear, 1623
Origin of maugre
Maugre comes from the Middle French word that literally meant "spite, ill-will."