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Friday, November 22, 2013

Definitions for protoplast

  1. Biology. a. the contents of a cell within the cell membrane, considered as a fundamental entity. b. the primordial living unit or cell.
  2. a person or thing that is formed first; original; prototype.
  3. the hypothetical first individual or one of the supposed first pair of a species or the like.

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Citations for protoplast
But whatever I am here, I am the protoplast—and that is a word you should mark well, little brother—the thing first formed by our parents as a copy to be followed afterwards. Philip Baruth, The Brothers Boswell, 2013
You look like a direct descendant of our good old legendary protoplast Piast. But, just to make the picture complete, tell us something about your family Stefan Korboński, Between the Hammer and the Anvil, 1981
Origin of protoplast
Protoplast comes from the Late Latin word prōtoplastus which meant "the first man."
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