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Monday, November 25, 2013

Definitions for decant

  1. to pour (a liquid) from one container to another.
  2. to pour (wine or other liquid) gently so as not to disturb the sediment.

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Citations for decant
One of Enzo's jobs was to decant the cloudy green-gold liquid into smaller vessels for use in the kitchen. Nicky Pellegrino, The Villa Girls, 2011
They stood shivering in the narrow hallway, waiting for their turn to come forward and wash. Rosa would decant some of the cold water she had fetched from the well into a big tub. Steve Sem-Sandberg, The Emperor of Lies, 2011
Origin of decant
Decant originally comes from the Latin word canth meaning "spout, rim of a vessel." One of the many meanings of the prefix de- is "removal."