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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Definitions for slumgullion

  1. a stew of meat, vegetables, potatoes, etc.
  2. a beverage made weak or thin, as watery tea, coffee, or the like.
  3. the refuse from processing whale carcasses.

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Citations for slumgullion
"...d'yever eat good old fashioned slumgullion boy, 'taint nothin but scrambled eggs and potatoes all scrambled up together." Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums, 1958
We could not eat the bread or the meat, nor drink the "slumgullion." Mark Twain, Roughing It, 1872
Origin of slumgullion
Slumgullion is an Americanism dating back to the 1840s. It is perhaps related to the word cullion, which comes from the Latin term meaning "bag" or "testicle."
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