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Friday, December 06, 2013

Definitions for abiogenesis

  1. Biology. the theory that living organisms can arise spontaneously from inanimate matter; spontaneous generation.

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Citations for abiogenesis
“Aristotle would have loved that.” Nancy was standing behind him. "Why Aristotle?” she asked. “He believed in abiogenesis, the idea that living creatures can arise from nonliving matter.” Tom Clancy, Games of State, 1996
Oberth, who accurately predicted rocket development on earth, suspects that the prerequisites for abiogenesis exist on other planets in the solar system. Erich von Daniken, translated by Michael Heron, Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past, 1968
Origin of abiogenesis
Coined by T. H. Huxley in 1870, abiogenesis comes from the Latin words meaning "birth" and "origin."