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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Definitions for jocose

  1. given to or characterized by joking; jesting; humorous; playful: a jocose and amusing manner.

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Citations for jocose
The jocose talk of hay-makers is best at a distance; like those clumsy bells round the cows' necks, it has rather a coarse sound when it comes close, and may even grate on your ears painfully... George Eliot, Adam Bede, 1859
Lord Boardotrade was there, making semi-jocose speech, quite in the approved way for a cognate paterfamilias. Anthony Trollope, Ayala's Angel, 1878
Origin of jocose
Jocose comes from the Latin jocōsus meaning "joking." It entered English in the 1600s.
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