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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Definitions for schmaltz

  1. Informal. exaggerated sentimentalism, as in music or soap operas.
  2. fat or grease, especially of a chicken.

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Citations for schmaltz
The declining use of schmaltz, once a favored ingredient for spreading, frying, and flavoring, is a case in point. Formerly common delicacies, well loved among the immigrant and second generations, are relegated to the status of fond memory. Anne Kaplan, Marjorie Hoover, Willard Moore, The Minnesota Ethnic Food Book, 1986
"...And I'm not going to argue with you because you can argue the schmaltz out of a matzoh and I haven't got the strength for that today." Rhoda Lerman, God's Ear: A Novel, 1989
Origin of schmaltz
Schmaltz comes from the Yiddish shmalts and the German Schmaltz meaning "fat." It entered English in the 1930s.