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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Definitions for oeillade

  1. an amorous glance; ogle.

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Citations for oeillade
"Please?" Significant pause and oeillade. Eugene thought of his hopes with Rapunzel, of badly wanting to start a clean slate, baleful of all the miseries Laura had caused whenever they had resumed even a friendship... Alexander Theroux, Laura Warholic, or, The Sexual Intellectual, 2007
Another coarse laugh, and another oeillade to the Princesses, showed me clearly enough how the Queen construed my relationship to Anne of England. Louis Auchincloss, Exit Lady Masham, 1983
Origin of oeillade
Oeillade entered English in the late 1500s from the French oeillide, and ultimately comes from the Latin ocuclus meaning "eye."