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Friday, January 10, 2014

Definitions for wamble

  1. to move unsteadily.
  2. to feel nausea.
  3. (of the stomach) to rumble; growl.

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Citations for wamble
You meet frequently for dinner, after work, split whole liters of the house red, then wamble the two blocks east, twenty blocks south to your apartment and lie sprawled on the living room floor with your expensive beige raincoats still on. Lorrie Moore, Self-Help, 1985
I'll have to take you there. It's a cheery sensation, you know, to find a man who has some imagination, but who has been unspoiled by Interesting People, and take him to hear them wamble. Sinclair Lewis, Our Mr. Wrenn: The Romantic Adventures of a Gentle Man, 1914
Origin of wamble
Wamble may be related to the Norwegian word vamla which means "to stagger." It entered English in the 1300s.