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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Definitions for farceur

  1. a joker; wag.
  2. a writer or director of or actor in farce.

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Citations for farceur
A man may be happy at repartee, a merrymaker, a farceur, a jester, and yet not be a wit, although he may be esteemed one for his lively conversation, drollery, aptitude in rejoinder and equivoque. John Duke Coleridge (1820 – 1894), Great Thoughts from Master Minds Vol. V, 1908
The life of a professional farceur isn't all a farce, by a long shot. This is especially true if you happen to be Collie of the Lambs Club. William Collier, “When Life Is Not All a Farce,” New York Times, 1907
Origin of farceur
Farceur comes from the French word of the same spelling, which in turn is rooted in the Latin word farcire meaning "to stuff, cram."