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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Definitions for neologize

  1. to make or use new words or create new meanings for existing words.
  2. to devise or accept new religious doctrines.

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Citations for neologize
Scientists at Northwestern University, inspired by the faux pundit’s ability to neologize, created a set of nouns for “Colbertian,” which they could use to test the effects of bilingualism. Amina Khan, “Bilingualism: Stephen Colbert's 'truthiness' inspires a language,” The Los Angeles Times, 2012
In the meanwhile, necessity obliges us to neologize. Thomas Jefferson, “To John Waldo,” 1813, Jefferson: Political Writings, 1999
Origin of neologize
Neologize joins the Greek neo meaning "new" with a variant on –logy, a combining form derived from the Greek logos meaning "word, speech, discourse, reason." This verb entered English in the early 1800s.