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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Definitions for chirk

  1. Informal. to cheer (usually followed by up).
  2. to make a shrill, chirping noise.

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Citations for chirk
"Well, I think," said Mis' Jane Moran, "that we've hit on the only way we could have hit on to chirk each other up over a hard time." Zona Gale, "Christmas: A Story", 1912
Ef there's a mortal thing I can do to help ye, or chirk ye up, I want to do it right off. Rose Terry Cooke, Happy Dodd; or, She Hath Done What She Could, 1878
Origin of chirk
Chirk can be traced to the Old English cearcian meaning "to creak, gnash." It shares this root with chirp, which became the prevailing word for the noise birds make.