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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Definitions for Salchow

  1. Ice Skating. a jump in which the skater leaps from the back inside edge of one skate, making one full rotation of the body in the air, and lands on the back outside edge of the other skate.

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Citations for Salchow
When she cinches the double salchow, the crowd cheers even louder than before. Carlin Flora, "Call of the Ice," Psychology Today, 2006
Landing a difficult quadruple salchow-triple toe loop combination and attempting two additional quads, Goebel showed enough improved artistry from a year ago to win his first national title. Jere Longman, "Figure Skating: Kwan and Goebel Surmount Stumbles," The New York Times, 2001
Origin of Salchow
Salchow entered English courtesy of Swedish figure skater Ulrich Salchow, who invented the jump and first performed it in 1909.