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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Definitions for cockalorum

  1. a self-important little man.

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Citations for cockalorum
Meantime, let him be foolish! "I suppose he thinks he's the grand high cockalorum!" she told herself, chuckling. Margaret Wade Campbell Deland, The Iron Woman, 1911
His mother was dead and he could write about her: a young woman, a girl, really, with Sid, who was just a child, and Rose, who was even younger, emigrating from an inhospitable Russian countryside with that young cockalorum of a husband--good God, was he that way even then?--to live in this alien land and die before she was fifty. Joseph Heller, Good as Gold, 1979
Origin of cockalorum
This mock Latin term is a derivative of cock, meaning "a male chicken." It came to English in the early 1700s.