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Friday, March 21, 2014

Definitions for noetic

  1. of or pertaining to the mind.
  2. originating in or apprehended by the reason.

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Citations for noetic
"William," croaked Peggy, "this is dumb! It's the gaudiest thing since the carnival came to town. It's silly. And unnecessarily noetic, and" — she hiccoughed; I gave her a hefty whack on her back — "wonderful!" Charles R. Johnson, Oxherding Tale, 1982
Tory and I were "Noeties" — noetic counselors and counseling supervisors with the Institute of Noetic Technology. John Dalmas, The Reality Matrix, 1986
Origin of noetic
From the Greek noētikós meaning "intelligent," noetic has been used by English speakers since the mid-1600s.