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Monday, March 24, 2014

Definitions for fussbudget

  1. a fussy or needlessly fault-finding person.

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Citations for fussbudget
"...He's a cowardly fussbudget, and he's still livid about the ruckus my mother made.” Gioia Diliberto, I Am Madame X, 2003
“Well, miss fussbudget, it looks as if one of your kids found another winner.” “Mother, I'm not a fussbudget as you say. I just worry about my children, that's all.” Lonnie Magee, Settling In, 2006
Origin of fussbudget
An Americanism dating from around 1900, fussbudget is a portmanteau of fuss and budget. Though the origins of fuss are unknown, budget comes from the Middle French term meaning "bag."