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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Definitions for bedash

  1. to dash or spatter (something) all over: to bedash a salad with pepper.
  2. to dash or strike against: windows bedashed with rain.
  3. to demolish or ruin; obliterate: His dreams of glory were quickly bedashed.

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Citations for bedash
And for twenty times made pause to sob and weep / That all the standers-by had wet their cheeks / Like trees bedash'd with rain-in that sad time / My manly eyes did scorn a humble tear. William Shakespeare, King Lear, 1606
Let my blood bedash my proper brow, for such a wrong. Elizabeth Cary, Edited by Stephanie Hodgson-Wright, "The Tragedy of Mariam," Women's Writing of the Early Modern Period: 1588-1688, 2002
Origin of bedash
Bedash entered English in the mid-1500s. It is a combination of the prefix be-, which was used in Old English in the formation of verbs, and the root dash, meaning "to apply roughly."