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Monday, April 07, 2014

Definitions for achromic

  1. colorless; without coloring matter.

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Citations for achromic
The opportunity to turn something down, to glance at the achromic cauliflower and move on, to pick at a few foods, guzzle others, and then casually, guiltlessly, slide them all off the tray and into the trash if one wishes... Tania James, Atlas of Unknowns, 2009
The upper half of the very tall cells is either achromic or it stains very lightly with toluidine blue. Edited by John Buettner-Janusch, Evolutionary and Genetic Biology of Primates, 1964
Origin of achromic
A combination of a- and chromic, achromic entered English in the 1750s. The prefix a- is a variant of an-, which meant "not," "without," or "lacking" in Greek, as in the words anarchy and amoral. A common variant is achromous.