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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Definitions for deke

  1. Ice Hockey. to deceive (an opponent) by a fake.
  2. Ice Hockey. a fake or feint intended to deceive a defensive player, often drawing that player out of position.

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Citations for deke
Two boys on bikes came along, deked around the green-and-white gate, and rode over the grass to the water fountain. Kim Moritsugu, The Glenwood Treasure, 2003
It would be better maybe if we could stop loving the children and their delicate brawls, pelting across the square in tandem, deking from cover to cover in raucous celebration and they are never winded, bemusing us with the rites of our own gone childhood... Dennis Lee, Body Music, 1998
Origin of deke
Deke originally was a Canadian English term. It's a shortening of decoy that arose in the 1950s.