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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Definitions for maslin

  1. British Dialect. a mixture; medley.
  2. British Dialect. a mixture of different grains, flours, or meals, especially rye mixed with wheat.
  3. British Dialect. bread made from such a mixture of grains.

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Citations for maslin
Another question is whether all crops were sown separately. Some may have been sown as a mixture, i.e. as a maslin. C. C. Bakels, The Western European Loess Belt, 2009
I sifted the wheat and rye for maslin and mixed the sponge. Deborah Noyes, Angel and Apostle, 2005
Origin of maslin
Maslin is derived from the Middle English word mastlyoun which came in turn from the Middle French mesteillon meaning "mixture."