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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Definitions for analphabetic

  1. not alphabetic: an analphabetic arrangement of letters.
  2. unable to read or write; illiterate: analphabetic peoples.
  3. Phonetics. of or constituting a system of phonetic transcription, as the one devised by Otto Jespersen, that for each sound indicates by separate sets of symbols the articulator, the point of articulation, and the size and shape of the mouth opening.

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Citations for analphabetic
In your atrophied eyes, the letters read like a line of alien hieroglyphs. Bizarre analphabetic randomness. English has no such series. Richard Powers, Plowing the Dark, 2000
One of the stout Polish cleaners, friendly, mute, and virtually analphabetic in English, is emptying the trash can behind the bench. Scott Turow, The Laws of our Fathers, 1996
Origin of analphabetic
Analphabetic comes from the Greek word analphábēt(os) which meant "not knowing the alphabet." The concept of an alphabet has existed since at least 1500 BCE.