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Monday, April 21, 2014

Definitions for immiscible

  1. not miscible; incapable of being mixed.

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Citations for immiscible
Yosil is with me now, our borders overlapping in unhappy swirls, like immiscible fluids. David Brin, Kiln People, 2002
The youngest one wore its hair in a style popularized by a sitcom that took as its subject three roommates of seemingly immiscible temperaments and their attempts to make their fortune in this contusing city. Colson Whitehead, Zone One, 2011
Origin of immiscible
Immiscible is derived from the prefix im- which is a variant of in- meaning having a negative force, as in the words immoral and indefensible. The word miscible means "capable of being mixed" and is used primarily in chemistry and physics.