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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Definitions for scherzo

  1. Music. a movement or passage of light or playful character, especially as the second or third movement of a sonata or a symphony.

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Citations for scherzo
Placed, like Beethoven's scherzo, between the tragic "funeral march" of Maxi and Fortunata (book two) and the final disposition of the novel's serious themes (book four), the third volume offers a change of pace and a bit of comic relief. Vernon A. Chamberlin, Galdós and Beethoven, 1977
When you play that Chopin scherzo at the end, you're going to bring down the house! Gail Godwin, The Finishing School, 1984
Origin of scherzo
Scherzo is ultimately from Langobardic, a language from Lombardy. It came to English through the Italian word scherzare for "joke."