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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Definitions for obliquity

  1. divergence from moral conduct, rectitude, etc.; immorality, dishonesty, or the like.
  2. the state of being oblique.
  3. an instance of such divergence.

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Citations for obliquity
But that is not all, that is not his worst defect; his worst defect is his perpetual moral obliquity, perpetual from the days of the Flood to the Schleswig Holstein period. Fyodor Dostoyevsky, translated by Constance Garnett, Notes from Underground, 1864, translation published in 1918
…this obliquity is curious insofar as it gives birth to an upright form, whose very verticality absorbs its departure in slanting forms, and here there is a kind of agreeable challenge for the visitor… Roland Barthes, "The Eiffel Tower," A Barthes Reader, 1982
Origin of obliquity
late Middle English
Obliquity is related to the Latin word oblīquitās which meant "oblique."