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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Definitions for vane

  1. a person who is readily changeable or fickle.
  2. weather vane.
  3. a blade, plate, sail, etc., in the wheel of a windmill, to be moved by the air.

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Citations for vane
It must be admitted that he was a vane, turning on a pivot finer than those on which statesmen have generally been made to work. Anthony Trollope, The Life of Cicero, 1880
Spewing out “chaff,” that reanimated dead metaphor in British English for useless verbiage or humbug, the grinding nonsense of the Office serves merely as a weather vane for the clichéd winds of change. Garrett Stewart, Edited by John O. Jordan, “Dickens and Language,” The Cambridge Companion to Charles Dickens, 2001
Origin of vane
Vane is a variant of the word fane, meaning "flag; banner." It entered English in the mid-1400s.