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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Definitions for soothsay

  1. to foretell events; predict.

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Citations for soothsay
Yes, the blind often have an inward seeing eye and they can see things we cannot and their blindness is even a power to them to that other people fear them for it. This maid might be taught to soothsay or some such thing. Pearl S. Buck, The Mother, 1933
Sad that her sons did seek a foreign grave/ (For, Fate's, or Fortune's drifts none can soothsay, /Honour and misery have one face and way) John Donne, "The Storm," 1597
Origin of soothsay
Soothsay is a back formation of the word soothsayer, which means “a person who can foretell future events.” The term sooth meaning “truth” has been in English since before 900