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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Definitions for sparge

  1. to scatter or sprinkle.
  2. a sprinkling.

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Citations for sparge
Technically, to sparge is to spray or sprinkle hot water over the grain bed. The terms “lauter” and “sparge” are often used interchangeably by homebrewers. Amelia Slayton Loftus, Sustainable Homebrewing, 2014
It is preferable to start sparging when the first ten barrels of wort are in copper, at the rate of one-half to three-quarters of a barrel per quarter of malt... Sir Thomas Edward Thorpe, A Dictionary of Applied Chemistry, 1890
Origin of sparge
Sparge comes from the Latin spargere meaning "to sprinkle, scatter." It entered English in the mid-1500s.
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