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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Definitions for scofflaw

  1. a person who flouts the law, especially one who fails to pay fines owed.
  2. a person who flouts rules, conventions, or accepted practices.

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Citations for scofflaw
“You don't want your kids growing up thinking you're a scofflaw, do you?" Janet Evanovich, Explosive Eighteen, 2011
When you go across the border at Nogales Arizona some very severe looking American guards, some of them pasty faced with sinister steelrim spectacles go scrounging through all your beat baggage for signs of the scorpion of scofflaw. Jack Kerouac, Lonesome Traveler, 1960
Origin of scofflaw
Scofflaw is a portmanteau that describes a person who scoffs, or mocks, the law. It's been used in English since the 1920s.