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Friday, July 11, 2014

Definitions for diffluence

  1. the act of flowing off or away.
  2. the act or process of dissolving into a liquid; liquefaction; deliquescence.
  3. the rate at which fluid flow diverges along an axis perpendicular to the direction of flow at a given point.

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Citations for diffluence
But this articulate dancing, compared with the loose, lawless diffluence of motion that goes by that name, gives me (I must confess it) as much more pleasure as articulate singing is superior to tunes played on the voice by a young lady... Charles Reade, Christie Johnstone, 1853
There is a broad area of significant vertical shear and there is the more localized zone of diffluence that can help the convective clouds to become organized into a large cluster. Edited by Robert P. Pearce, Meteorology at the Millennium, 2001
Origin of diffluence
Diffluence derives from the Latin prefix dis-, meaning "apart" or "away," and fluent-, meaning "flowing."
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