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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Definitions for euthenics

  1. a science concerned with bettering the condition of human beings through the improvement of their environment.

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Citations for euthenics
Yet Burroughs is unwilling, politically, to play the dread game of eugenics or euthenics, outside his private fantasy, which, since his intelligence is aware of the circularity of its Utopian reasoning, invariably turns sardonic. Mary McCarthy (1912-1989), edited by A. O. Scott, "Burroughs's Naked Lunch," A Bolt from the Blue and Other Essays, 2002
By the early 1890s, Swallow began to explore larger issues of the urban environment, such as air and water contamination, and home environment concerns as part of a more integrative science she called euthenics, defined as the “science of controllable environment." Robert Gottlieb, Forcing the Spring, 2005
Origin of euthenics
Euthenics entered English in the early 1900s from the Greek word euthēn(eîn) meaning "to be well off, prosper."