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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Definitions for camelopard

  1. Archaic. a giraffe.

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Citations for camelopard
Edmund thought Mr. Necessary would die of joy the day they stood together in a lot behind a Philadelphia tavern, gazing up at the camelopard on display there, the creature's deeply feminine face looking down at them from atop its towering neck… Stephen Harrigan, The Gates of the Alamo, 2000
A crier explained that this was the camelopard, so-called because in some respects it resembled the camel, having long, spindly legs and a camel-like face, while its spotted skin resembled that of a leopard. Steven Saylor, The Triumph of Caesar: A Novel of Ancient Rome, 2008
Origin of camelopard
Camelopard is a portmanteau of the words camel and pard, an archaic term for a leopard or panther. It entered English in the late 1300s.