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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Definitions for desiderium

  1. an ardent longing, as for something lost.

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Citations for desiderium
I think as seldom as I can of what I loved or esteemed in it, to avoid the desiderium which of all things makes life most uneasy. Jonathan Swift (1667–1745), Letter to Alexander Pope on June 28, 1715, The Works of Jonathan Swift, 1859
Whoever should study the mood of desiderium in England during the eighteenth century might find corroboration for the sense of restrained poignancy which often underlies the good poetry of the age… Arthur Raleigh Humphreys, William Shenstone: An Eighteenth-Century Portrait, 1937
Origin of desiderium
Desiderium comes from the Latin verb dēsīderāre meaning "to long for; require." It entered English in the early 1700s.