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Monday, September 01, 2014

Definitions for Ursprache

  1. a hypothetically reconstructed parent language, as Proto-Germanic, the ancestor of the Germanic languages.

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Citations for Ursprache
He might have been speaking Ursprache, for all that I understood. I was firmly in the present, watching the starlings cavort over and under the telegraph wires and the wind shimmer the young leaves into a muzzy Monet. Will Self, My Idea of Fun, 1993
Kabbalists, Hermetics, Hasidic students of the Torah and the Talmud tried to reconstitute the Old Speech, the Ursprache, from these lost fragments. A. S. Byatt, Babel Tower, 1996
Origin of Ursprache
Ursprache came to Enlgish in the 20th century from the German prefix ur- meaning "earliest, original" and Sprache meaning "speech."