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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Definitions for ablactate

  1. to wean.

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Citations for ablactate
His style, however, has found imitators; especially of late years, since the rage commenced of disfiguring and debasing our language by innovation. Such writers, instead of brittle, would say fragile; instead of fruitfulness, feracity; and humectate, steril, desiderate, ablactate, indigitate, etc. instead of moisten, barren, desire (or wish for), wean, point out, etc. James Beattie, The Works of James Beattie, LL.D., Vol. IV, 1809
Ablactate, with propriety, might not be adopted, because Wean is equally expressive and shorter; and, for the same reason Appropinquate, as we have already Approach. John MacLaurin, "Of Dr. Johnson’s Style," The Works of the Late John MacLaurin, Esq., Vol. III, 1798
Origin of ablactate
Ablactate entered English in the 1700s and combines the Latin prefix ab- meaning "from" or "away," and lac meaning "milk."