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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Definitions for higgledy-piggledy

  1. in a jumbled, confused, or disorderly manner; helter-skelter.
  2. confused; jumbled.

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Citations for higgledy-piggledy
Within six hours, Kesselring had ordered all or parts of eleven divisions to converge around the Colli Laziali in what he would later term a "higgledy-piggledy jumble." Rick Atkinson, The Day of the Battle, 2007
It didn't have the higgledy-piggledy colors of a fire or a foul smoke to choke off your breath and set your eyes weeping. Frederick Buechner, Brendan, 1987
Origin of higgledy-piggledy
Higgledy-piggledy came to English in the late 1500s and is a rhyming compound of uncertain origin.