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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Definitions for demesne

  1. possession of land as one's own: land held in demesne.
  2. an estate or part of an estate occupied and controlled by, and worked for the exclusive use of, the owner.
  3. land belonging to and adjoining a manor house; estate.

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Citations for demesne
As the foregoing analysis has demonstrated, the proportion between land held in demesne and land held by subtenants seems to have been relatively stable throughout the later Anglo-Saxon period and even beyond the Conquest. Francesca Tinti, Sustaining Belief, 2010
Along with this he holds cultivable land, which is in the fullest sense (so far as feudal theory permits) his own; it is his demesne land. Frederick Pollock, The History of English Law Before the Time of Edward I, 1895
Origin of demesne
Demesne is derived from the Middle English word demeine. It is related to the more common word domain, which also comes from the Latin word dominicus meaning "of a master."