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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Definitions for boobook

  1. a small, reddish-brown spotted owl, Ninox boobook, native to Australia and New Zealand.

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Citations for boobook
It has large, staring eyes that are brilliant yellow, not greenish-toned as in Southern Boobook, which usually displays obvious dark markings (rather like black-eye bruises) around the eyes that are absent in the larger Barking Owl. Iain Campbell, Sam Woods, Nick Leseberg, Birds of Australia, 2014
Nosepeg's dreaming was the mopoke, the boobook owl I had heard in the night. Roger Deakin, Wildwood, 2007
Origin of boobook
Boobook comes from Dharuk, a now-extinct Australian aboriginal language. The word is said to be imitative of the sound the bird makes.