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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Definitions for frisson

  1. a sudden, passing sensation of excitement; a shudder of emotion; thrill: The movie offers the viewer the occasional frisson of seeing a character in mortal danger.

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Citations for frisson
More likely, "frisson" is to be taken figuratively, referring to shivers that are the result of strong emotion. Emile Talbot, Reading Nelligan, 2003
Yet Atwood will also use poetic techniques to demystify, as in “Women's Novels,” where she laments her inability to enjoy a “romantic frisson” that she cannot believe in. Margaret Atwood, Afterword by Steven Heighton, “Afterword,” Murder in the Dark, 1997,
Origin of frisson
Frisson entered English in 1770s from the French word for "shiver" or "shudder."