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Monday, October 27, 2014

Definitions for odontoid

  1. of or resembling a tooth; toothlike.

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Citations for odontoid
In most cases, the radiological examination of the cervical spine in sports injuries starts with plain radiographs, including frontal, lateral and odontoid projections. Edited by F.M. Vanhoenacker, M. Maas, and J.L. Gielen, "The Spine in Sports Injuries," Imaging of Orthopedic Sports Injuries, 2007
In young patients, a significant force is required to cause a fracture of the odontoid. Edited by Andrea Donovan and Mark E. Schweitzer, Imaging Musculoskeletal Trauma, 2012
Origin of odontoid
Odontoid entered English in the early 1700s from the Greek word odontoeidḗs meaning "toothlike."