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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Definitions for crapehanger

  1. a person who sees the gloomy side of things; pessimist. Also, crepehanger.

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Citations for crapehanger
Ordinarily Encore would have suggested, with amiable malice, that Gottlieb was a "crapehanger" who wasted time destroying the theories of other men instead of making new ones of his own. Sinclair Lewis, Arrowsmith, 1925
I don’t like to be--what my people sometimes call a crapehanger--but Teff-el was to have been crushed by the new ships equipped with the transpon beam and the magnetic and gravity bombs. John W. Campbell, The Mightiest Machine, 1947
Origin of crapehanger
Crapehanger is an Americanism with roots in the custom of hanging crepe paper as a sign of mourning. It came into popular usage in the 1920s.